Palatec Oy (Ltd) is established in 2000, which was established from a customer-oriented perspective at that time. The company’s founder, Mr. Jorma Laitinen, already had decades of experience and knowledge of demanding raw materials and procurements of these raw materials. Jorma worked for about 30 years as a buyer for Valmet, Sako and Patria. He has comprehensive knowledge of the raw materials used by the Defense Forces example. When he left his previous job, he began to receive inquiries from his old colleagues and acquaintances about the availability of different metals. This created a genuine need to set up a company through which Jorma was able to help and serve customers.

Over the years, business operations have expanded, and the customers and suppliers’ network has grown. As the company’s founder Jorma grew older, he asked Mr. Marko Parkkonen to join the company. In 2021, with the share transactions, the entrepreneurial couple Marko Parkkonen and Tiina Huuskonen took over Palatec’s traction. 

High-quality customer service, responsible operations, considering environmental values and reliable deliveries at competitive prices will be further improved. We want to provide add value to our customers at Palatec Oy.

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